Tales From The Tardis

An outstanding entertainment location since Victorian times, Earl’s Court music venues have hosted some of the most legendary music concerts ever performed. Were you in Earl’s Court for a brilliant music concert, who did you see, what is your story?

Earl’s Court Community Trust would like to honour this rich musical history by recording your music memories of Earl’s Court. Did you see Dylan in The Troubadour, Led Zeppelin in the Exhibition Centre? What was your favourite gig?

In partnership with Earl’s Court’s local police and the Earl’s Court Community Trust.

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Interview with Sharon Robinson, Music Event Promoter and ECCT Supporter

Interview with Diane Parnell, Founder Trustee, Earl's Court Community Trust

Interview with Malcolm Connell, Music Professional, Coach and Manager

Interview with Keith Clancy, Trustee, ECCT

Interview with Toby Brown, Chairman, ECCT

Interview with Diana Thornhill, Interman House, Earl's Court

Interview with Caroline Tod Richardson, Co-Producer Earl's Court Film Festival

Interview with Mouse O'Brien