ECFF 2017 Submissions


ECFF 2017 will be showing 13 short films submissions from the UK, Europe and Asia will be screened, three of which will be chosen to go through to the Grand Finale and Winners Awards at St. Cuthbert’s on Friday 27 October, 2017.

As well as the Earl’s Court Short award, the submission winner will also be chosen on the night.


  • Albert – A heart-warming story about the innocence of childhood and the fear of the unknown.
  • Bearable – It’s not easy living with a bear.
  • Boris in The Forest – A black comedy about a Californian geek in search of his horror hero Boris Karloff.
  • Enthnophobia – Survival, clash and symbiosis go side by side all accompanied by bursts of joy and pain.
  • Head For Film – Head For Film is a short commercial spoofing of the original Frankenstein film.
  • Numbness – A moral dilemma in Iranian society.
  • Pitfall – Amidst the horror and chaos of war, two enemies are forced into a unholy alliance in the battle for survival.
  • Ripples – Maggie feels bigger than ever when confronted by a ‘perfect ‘ woman at her local swimming pool.
  • Saad’s Olive Tree -The inspiring story of a Syrian boy who looses his sight after a mortar attack.
  • The Atlas of False Desires – In Fashion, forecasting the next big trend in everything.
  • The Hole – Deep in the forest, something ‘terrible’ has happened to Pyotr.
  • We are them – A poetic homage to London from the air.
  • Window Chalk – Alex’s rich interior life is a sharp contrast to his exterior reality.