Arriving at the swimming pool, Maggie feels bigger than ever when confronted by a “perfect” woman in a weight-loss ad. But, when they meet in the water, her self-image is totally transformed.

Writer & Director: Aleksandra Czenczek

Producer: Adriana Kulig

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Writer & Director

Aleksandra Czenczek was born in Poland, graduated in Film and Audiovisual Arts in France, and currently based in London. Her two recent short films ‘Brothers’ and ‘My friend Ivor’ have been screened and awarded prizes at more than 30 film festivals worldwide. Her feature film ‘Dolls Can’t Cry’, made in 2012 and staring award winning actress Lara Belmont, was shown at independent cinemas in UK and Poland as well as international film festivals. Currently working on her second feature film “Mother”.

Besides being a writer/director, Aleksandra has a professional background in visual effects. In 2011 she won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Graphic Design in ‘First Life with David Attenborough’ and further Emmy nomination in 2016 for Outstanding Graphic Design in ‘Rise of Animals’. Her TV credits include more than 20 documentaries commissioned by Sky TV, Discovery Channel, BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic, Five and The History Channel. Most recent work includes TV series ‘Outlander’, ‘Fear of the Walking Dead’, “Victoria” and upcoming feature film ‘Suburbicon’ written by Cohen Brothers and directed by George Clooney.