Paula is Finance Director for Grain Media – a London-based Oscar and multi award winning production company, based in south London, focusing on documentary films with a human interest and social impact bias. She also runs a small publishing imprint specialising in contemporary literature, travel and edgy biography.

In 2000, she qualified as a Chartered Accountant, has held the position of Head of Practice at ICAEW and provided services to the European Medicines Agency. Having attended film producer training at NFTS, her career now involves both creative and financial aspects in the film and TV industry.

Paula has worked with ECFF on a variety of projects in the past, including a short scripted drama [Missing, Dir:Tom Young, ECFF2016], and as Producer on a short documentary film focused on the plight of a refugee family, now settled in the UK [Jan, Dir: Tom Young ECFF2017]

More recently, she has taken financial responsibility for a Netflix funded production in LA, and currently has two independent dramas in development, one located in Newcastle, and another on which she is co-writer is located in Wales.