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A prominent American stage actress comes face to face with her past while doing an interview in the heart of London during the 1980s.


Dušan Mrđen. Born and raised in Novi Sad, Serbia, Dušan has a diploma in Engineering Management, Media and Marketing. Dušan comes from a theatre acting background and has directed 4 short films. After doing the four week Certificate course at The London Film Academy in 2014, Dušan started the one year Filmmaking Diploma Course in May 2016 while also working on many different projects outside of the Academy.

Writing the characters of Karen and Richard was definitely one of the most interesting parts of the process for me. I come from an acting background, so I feel that I have a certain love and passion for well written and strongly developed characters.


Isis Madonna Basile. Isis has been a part of different film, music video and TV commercial sets both in front and behind the camera. Feeling the passion of film making growing in her, she decided to move to London in order to accomplish her dreams and study at LFA, where she directed three shorts, worked as a director of photography on three productions and has been involved in the making of 17 short films.


Tee-Blaq Tayo is a filmmaker with a slant for quirky and edgy content. In 2014, he was invited by the BBC to participate in the BBC Radio Comedy Workshop. He founded Horstrich Entertainment (, a satirical newspaper, in 2013. Presently, he is developing his filmmaking skills at the London Film Academy, where he wrote the short films, Method Man and The Valentine Gift, the latter which he directed. His ambition is to turn Horstrich Entertainment into a comedy video production company.


Karen – Nicole Harvey
Linda – Anna Myers
Richard – Timothy Skelton
James – Amerjit Deu