Short Films That Educate Our Community

In 2018, Film Earl’s Court are delighted to partner with film makers whose aim is to broaden horizons and educate our audiences. Covering a host of subjects with both local and international relevance, Earl’s Court is helping focus people’s in the UK and beyond.

Screening at various venues throughout 2018, our plans for educational outreach will be promoted on this site over the coming weeks


Finish Line follows the lives of two female sprinters, best friends, and from different religious backgrounds. As they train towards the World Athletic Championships, can they help and support each other to balance their faith and athletics career despite their differences and the doubts of their loved ones?

Kyran Mitchell-Nanton – Director, Producer & Co-Writer


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From 1884 to 1914, a small belt of land between the British Gold Coast Colony and French-governed Dahomey was part of the German overseas empire. “Togoland” – 100 years later: fragments of a colonial legacy…

Jürgen Ellinghaus – Writer and Director

The Indian Army in the First World War
An Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Perspective

This film documents research being carried out by participants from the local Hindu, Sikh and Muslim community. Here they develop display panels for a  touring Museum exhibition.  They also access archive material previously unseen, and some not explored for 100 years or more.  Reflecting on the involvement of the Indian Army during WW1.

Sharon Woodward – Director

Dr Priya Atwal, Stephen Barker – Producers