Jonas, a lonely Norwegian guy with a dead end job in London discovers a secret club requiring an advanced handshake upon entering. Obsessed with learning the handshake, he begins his quest to gain entrance into this mysterious society of beautiful people.

A Word From The Director - Andres Bratterud

With this film I wanted to tell an entertaining story with a simple and intriguing narrative. But I wanted to make something for the more mindful and inquiring members of the audience as well – so we also tried to hint at an underlying metaphorical meaning.


We shot the film in the area of London where Alfred Hitchcock grew up, and I wanted to create a thriller-feel to the stalking sequences – in Hitchcock’s spirit – with fairly long, smooth camera movements, composed to build suspense and develop the mystery of what’s hiding behind that door.


The main idea with the protagonist was to dramatise his emotional transition from being an outsider and a looser, to becoming confident and resourceful, due to his active quest. This transformation was key in both the collaboration with the actor, the make-up-, costume-, art-, and sound departments, and last but not least with the colourist and the composer of the score.