The power of film to influence, persuade and change minds is one of its most integral qualities. Caroline Tod-Richardson, Festival Co-Director and Project Sponsor, in particular, is determined to produce films that will do just that.

The film Jan, produced by Caroline and her team, is the haunting story of a Bangladeshi refugee and her family, seeking asylum in the UK. The kidnapping of her children in 2004 was only the beginning of her troubles, in a story which raises difficult questions about the asylum-seeker process. This film was made with the kind support of Asylum Link Merseyside and is now being used by Asylum charities to highlight the problems asylum seekers face.


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Caroline Tod- Richardson, Producer and Project Sponsor


Jan – Triumphing Over Adversity

“Jan was my first charitable film,” says director Tom Young, “and it was a humbling and powerful experience which I’ll never forget. Apart from, inevitably, learning a huge amount about making this kind of film, I also met some extraordinary people at Asylum Link Merseyside. I felt privileged to hear such incredible stories first hand. I’m absolutely delighted ‘Jan’ is proving to have a life within the national Charity sector, and is delivering Jan’s incredible and courageous story to so many people on an ongoing basis. It’s a story that deserves to be heard.”

“Very gently we are beginning to show Jan’s film to the rest of the world,” says Ewan Roberts from Asylum Link Merseyside. “Used in our Roadshows, it is a first hand account of someone’s journey, the obstacles and the hardships faced by many asylum seekers and their families as they struggle to make their way in a strange and often hostile environment. People who have seen it describe the film as ‘powerful’ and ‘moving’.