Flora is a summer love story set on the island of Floranopolis, Brazil. This dual screen short is a meditation on the landscape and beauty of Floripa, as well as an exploration of memories surrounding a lost relationship.  In Flora, memories of place, and memories of person become one. Writing and shooting ‘Flora’ all [...]

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The Smell of Petrol deals with human trafficking and the current refugee crisis. It world premiered at Oldenburg Film Festival and won Best UK Short Film Special Mention at Winchester Film Festival and the Grand Prix Festival Award at Jahorina Film Festival and several selections and nominations at BFI Future Film and European Film [...]

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A romantic comedy about a heartbroken man who throws caution to the wind and goes to his first orgy.It’s currently touring festivals, with recent screenings at Austin Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Flickerfest, Aesthetica, Underwire, Encounters, Fastnet, London Short Film Festival, Interfilm Berlin, and an award for Best Comedy Short from Oslo International Film Festival. [...]

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Donald is a lonely bookshop owner, closed off to the world and those who he thinks don’t understand him. When a chance encounter changes his life one day, he realises who is really there for him. Directed and Written by Andrew Paul Montague. Produced by Anthony Hughes and Ciara Fitzpatrick. [...]

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