Trace Taylor

WINNER 2016 KID GLOVES Earl’s Court Film Festival winner, Trace Taylor edits UK TV programmes for all of the major broadcast channels. She has also edited award-winning short films that have been screened, and won industry accolades, at many of the most respected film festivals worldwide. From Sundance to BAFTA, she has experienced [...]

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‘Generations’ is the story of three women from three different generations. The film explores how domestic violence shapes the psyche of women from different generations. The family system that runs on patriarchy and conservatism is the root cause of domestic violence. With time and modernisation, women’s lives evolve with the social and economic changes. [...]

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Kenneth Appel 92, speaks to Sharon Woodward about growing up as a Jewish child in Nazi Germany and how he was rescued by Britain's Kindertransport programme. Filmmaker/Director/Editor: Sharon Woodward / Producers : Lizzie Hawkins, Lauren Edwards, Tom Jennings

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On discovering a cache of 8mm movies, singer songwriter Juliet Lawson unveiled some astonishing footage from the late 60’s and early 70’s.  On digitizing these old films 50 years later, she rediscovered a childhood in Bedfordshire and Chelsea, teenage travels to the USSR, Berlin, Rome, Turkey and Greece, as well as Argentina and the [...]

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An agoraphobic phone operator is forced to face her fears of the outside in order to help a blind caller. It’s a story about a symbiotic relationship between two people who have been distances from the world around them as their differing disabilities (one physical and the other psychological) share a small act of kindness.The simplicity [...]

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Flora is a summer love story set on the island of Floranopolis, Brazil. This dual screen short is a meditation on the landscape and beauty of Floripa, as well as an exploration of memories surrounding a lost relationship.  In Flora, memories of place, and memories of person become one. Writing and shooting ‘Flora’ all [...]

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