In Fashion, forecasting the next big trend is everything. It is 2020 and Desire Atlas, a ‘click-farm’ in India is running a devious operation to manufacture trends through the strategic placement of fake content and viral followings in social media.

An operation that begins as a small IT venture soon goes on to involve some of fashion’s largest players in a secret battle to command consumer likes, shares and views.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 06.05.00
Director: Nathan Su
Writers: Nathan Su & Bethany Edgoose
Producer : Unknown Fields Division
Original Music : Sarah Su
Sound Editor: Sepehr Malek
VFX & Editing: Nathan Su
Camera Operators: Liam Young (Drone), Tushar Prakash (India), Nathan Su (London & India)
Sound Recordists: Agathe Couvreur, Bethany Edgoose, Chong Yan Chuah
Cast: Nabs Aziz, Samya Mohamed-de Meo, Stefania Montesolaro, Georgina Parren
Bhasker Patel, Andrea Richardson, Priscilla Riot, Rachel Smyth, Nicholas Zembashi
Hair & Makeup: Angie Anand, Rachel Keane