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International Submissions 2020

Oh Geno!

 The story of how Geno Washington came to be one of the UK's first African American soul singers of the 1960s. Oh Geno! is a fusion [...]


A boy reminisces about his first love. Directors, Producers and Writers: David James Holloway and Samuel Lawrence.


All around the city there are lives, crossing and intersecting. One day you might find a balloon on the floor, look at it long and hard, [...]


Rottweiler follows Sophia, a determined night club worker who longs to escape the estate with her boyfriend Leo. When he finally returns from prison with a debt [...]


A woman runs away with the voice in her head while ordering her morning coffee. Writer & Director: Jess Bray. Producer: Studio Yes. DOP: Will [...]

The Edge

The story follows the day of a girl who struggles with an every day nine-to-five life, in the fast paced world in which we live. Whilst trying [...]

Winners and Finalists Competition (2015 to 2019)


Envy and kindness seen through the eyes of two ageing women. Writer/Director/Producer - Robert HackettProducer - Jane SaundersProducer - Rachel Gundesen


Vickie Black is young and hungry, though working as a maid in London, she has her sights set far higher - After successfully landing an interview [...]

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