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International Submissions 2020


A young boy struggling with depression navigates through his daily routine, while being followed by a grey cloud. Writer/Director - David Yorke Producer/DOP [...]


Olivia wants Sofía, her children's au pair, to stay. Her husband doesn't. Olivia has to figure out how she can retain Sofía whilst also keeping her [...]


Jess and Mike, like any typical couple, have found themselves at a standstill after a brief and pointless argument. When they finally tire of yelling at one [...]


A short documentary following a day in the life of ‘Stumpy’, a taxi driver in the small ex-mining town of Maesteg, as he takes his regular [...]

Nobody Sees

Recently bereaved detective, Cameron Roberts, investigates a #metoo incident involving a young actress and high-powered photographer who's artistic process blurs the lines between art and abuse. As [...]

Winners and Finalists Competition (2015 to 2019)


Billy is a young man serving time in a run down UK prison. His morality and sense of duty is tested when he is instructed to [...]


Faced with a dramatic turn of events, two half-brothers must finally solve their lifelong differences in the most violent of ways. Director, Producer, [...]


Ed explores the journey of a lone soldier's dying moments. Through a sequence of time twisted realities, memories, hopes and dreams we follow him into an [...]


Tooting Broadway, South London.  A man tries to save the ones he loves. But you can't save everyone. Director: Toa Stappard Writer: Tom [...]


Inspired by true events the film tells the story of two South American women living and working as cleaners in London. After years of working in [...]

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