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International Submissions 2020

The 6th Earls Court Film Festival is excited and exceptionally proud to present and staggeringly diverse mix of short films for your viewing pleasure this year. With 80+ films to enjoy, covering all genres, there really is something for everyone.

Our International Submissions 2020 include films ranging from BFI and Tribecca award-winners to exceptional low budget films produced by the world’s most talented filmmakers, and everything in between.




Oh Geno!

 The story of how Geno Washington came to be one of the UK's first African American soul singers of the 1960s. Oh Geno! is a fusion [...]


A boy reminisces about his first love. Directors, Producers and Writers: David James Holloway and Samuel Lawrence.


All around the city there are lives, crossing and intersecting. One day you might find a balloon on the floor, look at it long and hard, [...]


Rottweiler follows Sophia, a determined night club worker who longs to escape the estate with her boyfriend Leo. When he finally returns from prison with a debt [...]


A woman runs away with the voice in her head while ordering her morning coffee. Writer & Director: Jess Bray. Producer: Studio Yes. DOP: Will [...]

The Edge

The story follows the day of a girl who struggles with an every day nine-to-five life, in the fast paced world in which we live. Whilst trying [...]

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