Scenes from the Life of a Priest & Memories of Fr. Bill Kirkpatrick,

Scenes From The Life Of A Priest is a short dramatic film depicting various moments from the life of Father Bill Kirkpatrick, a Canadian priest who worked in the Earl’s Court area in the 1980s and 90s. Father Bill was an extraordinary man who touched many people’s lives, and remains best known for his pioneering work with AIDS victims.

The community at St Cuthbert’s Church are very privileged and excited to be part of creating these films about a remarkable priest who exercised his innovative ministry in this place – Fr Paul Baggot, St. Cuthbert’s Church

This film project has been funded by St Cuthbert’s Church fundraising campaign, local charities, Film Earl’s Court and Kickstarter.
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The Earl’s Court Film Festival is backing a crowdsourced funded short film and talking-heads style documentary, each of which explore the life and work of Bill Kirkpatrick a local priest who, in the 80s, found himself at the centre of London’s most strident gay community, besieged and scapegoated during the darkest moments of scaremongering about AIDS.

The project has developed from an initial documentary idea into a fully-fledged dramatic film complete with multiple period locations, a fifteen-strong cast, and a script that takes the viewer on a journey from 1930s Canada to contemporary London.

The film uncovers how he helped so many stricken in the community come to terms with the disease and how his quiet work helped turn public opinion from hysteria to understanding and sympathy.


Ghost Catcher

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Ghost Catchers is a mockumentary following a fictional ghost haunting Earls Court. Jack Hagens, an eccentric and sometimes clueless presenter, guides a small crew around locations in Earls Court meeting locals in a bid to discover the truth behind the hauntings.

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Hosa Belaku

Hosa Belaku’ was the winner of the mini-documentary competition on ‘Women and Community’ and organised as part of an International networking project ‘Articulating Women: Interrogating Intersectionality and Empowering Women Through Critical Engagements’ funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

The project is a partnership between Liverpool Hope University, Christ University Bangalore, FACT -Liverpool and Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool. Film Earl’s Court look forward to establishing further connections with this inspirational project in the future.

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Articulating Women is currently running a second Mini-Documentary competition, also on the theme of “Women and Community.”

For more information about the competition, which closes on 31 October, and about the project, please go to the project website: www.empowering-women.net.

Film Earl’s Court are delighted to have the opportunity to  screen the mini film documentary from India – ‘Hosa Belaku’ during the Earl’s Court Film Festival Gala on Friday 9th November 2018.’

The impetus for Nirmal Thomas’s documentary, Hosa Belaku, which means “New Dawn” in the Kannada language, came about when, in 2018, Thomas worked as an intern for Re[View], an initiative associated with the Foundation to Aid Industrial Recovery (FAIR), a not-for-profit society that sifts through videos and images in the public domain and brings the best material to the attention of stakeholders in the development and social sector.

Hosa Belaku train remote rural women, enabling them to earn a livelihood through hand crafted items prepared with recycled materials.

Sickly Sweet

Burgeoning pop star iiola chose Earl’s Court and the Pergola in Barkston Gardens as the backdrop for her music video, Sickly Sweet. The story is about a man who sweetly, and simultaneously, courts three different women in Earl’s Court and their weaponised confectionary response when they discover his philandering.

The video is the collaboration of film makers, Kaki Wong, Chloé Deleplace and Isabella Bruno.

Stag Do

Lance has a traditional English Stag Do the night before his wedding.

His lifelong friends have their own ideas on how he should spend his last night as a single man.


Actor / Director / Producer / Writer

Velton J Lishke


Aaron, an apprehensive 18-year-old, is stuck. Stuck in a small town, helping his father in a job he hates. His life is soon turned upside-down when he meets Mike at a party. At first, Aaron denies his feelings but an unexpected kiss changes everything.


As he enters into a hidden relationship with Mike, Aaron finds that some secrets are harder to keep than others. The more he explores his sexuality, the more he begins to consider the impact this may have on the rest of his life.

Produced by Sungjun Your, Directed by Dean Anderson, Written by Matthew Bates